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About China Skinny

China Skinny is a Chinese marketing strategy and research agency, with a focus on digital marketing.  Our tools, services and advice help western businesses selling in China to best harness the potential of the Internet and other cost effective channels.

We offer a full suite of web and social media strategy, development, marketing and usability services, with everything we do optimized for China's unique characteristics.

What makes us different?

While we don’t have a high-end office or a large client entertainment budget, we invest in maintaining our understanding of the Chinese market to ensure that our knowledge is second to none. All of our team spend time each day on non-client related research, incorporating the latest Chinese trends and insights into every service we provide.  Our team have a comprehensive knowledge of marketing principles and a practical, common-sense approach, keeping us confident that you'll like what you see from us. 

We have worked with businesses across the luxury, education, property, travel, fashion, food & beverage and technology industries.  We're aware that not all businesses have unlimited budgets, so we develop creative solutions that allow you to do more with less.

On, we catalogue comprehensive and up-to-date information for big and small western businesses selling to Chinese consumers.  To compliment the insights on our blog and social media, we publish a free weekly email newsletter.  You can subscribe here and find previous issues here.

We are also developing an online business monitor.  The monitor will provide valuable insights into Chinese consumers specific to your products, brands, competitors and industry.  It is designed to cater to the unique needs of western businesses exporting to China, in a beautifully simple way. 

China Skinny was founded by Mark Tanner, who has worked in the Internet and mobile marketing industries since 1998 in North America, Europe and Australasia, but a long-held fascination with China drew him and his wife to the Middle Kingdom.  He has worked extensively in and with businesses selling in unfamiliar cultures and is a strong advocate of global trade to raise living standards.

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