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China's Golden Week Shining for More Than Just Travel Operators

Chinese October Golden Week Crowds

It is upon us!  Anyone travelling in China over the next seven days, and at many tourist spots abroad, will know that this is no ordinary week.

Unlike the Lunar New Year, when most Chinese travel home to their families, October's National Day Golden Week is when they get out sightseeing and shopping en masse.  It is the biggest single week of the year for leisure tourism.  Last year, an estimated 480 million travelled between October 1 and 7 and, if the growth rates continue, it will be over half a billion this year.

Buzzwords: Education in China

Education in China Buzzwords

Reactions to China’s 2009 and 2012 first-place scores in the OECD’s PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) test revealed the diversity of international perceptions of education in China. Responses ranged from foul play, bias and derision to awe and admiration - British politicians and educators even suggested importing Shanghai’s teachers to boost Britain’s ailing maths scores.

One thing is clear: With its Confucian heritage, education is central to Chinese society and subsequently has a huge influence on China’s consumer dynamics. Chinese consumers spend an average of 13% of their household income on education, and understanding education in China therefore presents a wealth of opportunities to educators and marketers.


Does China's Slowing GDP Growth Tell the Full Story?

Chinese cinema

If you were selling iron ore or aluminium to China right now, or hoping to flog Swiss watches, Prada bags or Audis, you probably wouldn't be overly optimistic about Chinese growth prospects in the short term.  Anyone viewing this year's slowing 7% GDP growth in the first half of this year could be subdued as well.  Yet taking a broad-brush approach to the current market conditions in China doesn't quite tell the full story.

Chinese Innovation is Coming to a City Near You

Innovation in China

While all of us have enjoyed the results of Chinese inventions from paper, printing, tea and porcelain, to the less-cited toilet paper, pasta, ice cream and football, it's likely we're going to benefit from many more in our lifetimes, particularly in the technology category.

Buzzwords: eCommerce and Digital Payment in China

eCommerce and digital payment trends China zhibubao Alipay Click and Collect

The digital economy has completely revolutionized retail business, especially in China, where offline-online transitions have been adopted particularly swiftly. China’s ecommerce spending craze growth is slowing, but still clocked an impressive 26.8% growth in the first half of 2015, when Ecommerce consumers in China spent US$253 billions about 10% of total retail sales in the nation. The following buzzwords will help you understand the latest ecommerce dynamics and the popular digital means of payments used in China.

China's Investment Preferences

Chinese investors

Although China's stock markets have been hogging the headlines of late, it is real estate that has long been the focus for most Chinese investors. Unfortunately China's residential property hasn't had a great run over the past year and a half, but there are signs of things improving.

Creating Relevant Apps & Websites for Chinese Consumers

Chinese smartphone scanning

In 2012, less than 5% of China's online shopping was done on a mobile.  Nowadays, more than half of all sales in China's massive ecommerce market are made though a smartphone.  China's shift to smartphones has taken online shopping by storm - and all aspects of the Internet, with 89% of China's 668 million internet users accessing through a smartphone.  

However Chinese consumers' connection with their smartphones and retail goes beyond the online world.  More than three quarters of them will pull out their phone in a physical store to research a product or service's price, reviews, competitors, specifications, heritage and how and why to use something, before making a purchase.  

Buzzwords: China's Tourism Trends

Buzzword China Tourism Trends

Despite slowing GDP growth in China, continued income growth is seeing more Mainlanders reaching the necessary standards of living to engage in travel. In 2012, Mainland China surpassed both Germany and the U.S. to become the largest spenders on international tourism. The United Nations World Tourism Organization released a report on Chinese traveller habits counting more than 83.2 million Chinese citizens travelling abroad, a 395.7% increase since 2002. The following buzzwords will help you understand the changes and massive influx of Chinese travellers, their habits and the latest trends going on in China’s travel market.

China's Foreign Food Movement

foreign food in China

There has been a slew of recent coverage about Chinese FMCG brands outsmarting foreign players with faster growth rates.  Local brands often better understand customer needs and meet them with nimble product development and marketing.  They also have strong distribution networks in Tier-3 and lower cities, which boasted 8% growth last year, versus 2% in Tier 1 and 2 cities.

However, FMCG is only one part of the supermarket shop for Chinese consumers, with premium imported goods increasingly taking up more space in trolleys.  Imported food grew three times faster than FMCG in China last year.  


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