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The Quick Win in China: Optimizing Your Website

Your website is one of your most valuable sales tools in China.  There are 638 million Internet users in the Middle Kingdom and they’re spending an average of 2.7 hours a day online, more than any country except Japan.  And it’s changing the way they shop, both online and offline. 

A recent Ipsos China survey found that 37.6% of Chinese consumers regularly increase their brand awareness through websites.  A further 47.5% claimed official websites increased their purchase intent, significantly more than the 31.3% for newspaper ads, 22.4% for TV and 20.9% for radio commercials.

Making sure your website is optimized is one of the most important and simplest things you can do in the Chinese market. And you can be sure it's perfect with our website health check:


There are many not-so-great translators out there who may not understand the idiosyncrasies of Mandarin in Mainland China.  We've got native Chinese speakers, based in China, who will assess whether your key content says was it's meant to. 


China's education system is dissimilar to the west, meaning Chinese often solve problems differently to us.  While your site may appear simple and logical to you, it could be horrifyingly confusing to Chinese visitors.  We've got Mainland Chinese who'll test whether your website features make sense to Chinese visitors.

Social Media

Hundreds of millions of Chinese now use Social Media to research, share and communicate. 50% of online Chinese believe Social Media is a way to make complaints to a business, and 55% have participated in a conversation on Social Media about a foreign brand.  We'll check that Social media is best utilized on your site to build customer loyalty and drive traffic.

Mobiles & Tablets

More than half of China’s web traffic now comes through mobile phones, and with smartphones getting cheaper, that portion continues to increase.  We'll review how your website looks on mobiles and tablets and if it's making the most of your mobile visitors.

Search Engines

While your site may score well with Google, China's leading search engine, Baidu plays by a different set of rules.  We'll ensure you’ve got the basics right so Chinese search engines have a better chance of finding and listing your content.

With each China Skinny Health Check, you’ll receive an easy to follow report, without the technical jargon.  We'll outline the reasons why and how you can improve your business’s web site including:

  • Quick wins and easy fixes – many you can probably do yourself
  • Recommendations on more complicated improvements with suggestions on who to go to if you need a hand.


Chinese website check price

Call, email or arrange a time for us to call you to discuss optimizing your website, so you can have the best foot forward in China.


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